Escape from Witch Castle

Witch CastleAre meals with your child a struggle? Escape from Witch Castle is a story written by Sarah Gregory that will help make mealtime a fun and engaging time for you and your kids. Escape from Witch Castle is an adventurous tale of four siblings whose world is turned upside down when their sister Agnes gets taken away by an evil witch. How will they save her?

Escape from Witch Castle is a unique story because the author encourages the listener to eat throughout the story in a fun and engaging way. The words “take another mouthful” is embedded throughout the whole story. For example, the story begins like this, “Tonight’s story is about to begin, but I need your help please. During the story you will be asked to Take Another Mouthful. Taking another mouthful makes magical things happen in the story and they won’t happen without you! Let’s start the story by taking our first mouthful!” This theme continues throughout the book.

My kids loved this book and ate their meals in no time when I read this book. They also loved the illustrations and story line. It’s an exciting book that gets your children participating and engaged in the story.

This book is now available as a basic e book but will be available as a printed book in the near future. I enjoyed the basic e book because it kept my children focused on the story. To learn more about basic e books versus enhanced e books, click here.

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Sarah Gregory is a married full time mother with four children aged from toddler to teenager. To learn more about Sarah Gregory, click here. To learn more about Take Another Mouthful click here.

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