Ellie Bean: The Drama Queen

ellie beanIs your little girl a drama queen? I think many of us feel like our little girls can be very dramatic at times.  Ellie Bean the Drama Queen is about a young girl who has sensory processing difficulties that cause her to get upset often and be very dramatic. These dramatic behaviors can be caused by a simple tag in her shirt itching her, the flush of the toilet being too loud, or the bristles of the toothbrush. I think all children react differently to noises, smells, textures, etc. However, when your child has sensory integration issues, these noises, textures or smells can be overwhelming and may cause certain undesired behaviors. Ellie Bean begins to see an occupational therapist who helps her overcome some of these reactions and be calmer. The occupational therapist also helps Ellie communicate with her mom about what is bothering her, which for parents of special needs is important. In addition, the book shows how a parent can react better to these behaviors, which can be very helpful. This book is not only beneficial for children with special needs but also for typical children because it helps build awareness about a child they may know who has sensory processing difficulties.

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