Egg Activity

I recently found “Small World Express Egg Shape Sorter” toy in my closet. I had put it away when my children were babiesI decided to give it a test drive. My kids loved it and have been playing with it all week. Its a great way to work on sorting, colors, shapes and fine motor manipulation.  After playing with the eggs for awhile, we decided to make some egg salad. If your child gets frustrated trying to open the eggs, encourage them to ask for help. This is also a great toy to work on problem solving to try to figure out how to the eggs in correctly. Another concept is working on the concept of “same” and “different”. Additional concepts can include turn taking, sorting, answering “wh” questions (“what color is that?”, “what shape is that?”) and symbolic play (have the kids use these with their play kitchen).


Carryover Activities:

1. Memory Game: Play memory game with them by taking them apart and laying them down on the carpet or table. Play just like you would with memory to find the matches. Each time you turn up an egg, call out the color and shape. Winner with the most eggs win!






2. Egg Hunt: Hide the eggs in the room and have your kids look for the eggs. Whoever finds the most eggs wins.  Make sure to remember where you hid the eggs because I actually couldn’t find one and had to go on the egg hunt myself.

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