Eeboo Good Manners Cards

Eeboo Good Manners Flash Cards (ages 3 and up but you can easily introduce this to a child about 2.5 to 3) is an excellent game to play while having a meal with your children.  I originally bought these flashcards years ago to use with the teenagers that I see at work. I pulled these out the other day and realized what a great activity this was to do with my children as well. Each flashcard has a particular question such as, “At the table, what size bites should you take?”. One the other side, is the answer. The deck includes 48 flash cards and 2 parent cards. These questions also open up discussion so that you can have some short conversation during a meal or snack. For example, the question I mentioned above can be discussed much further. You can ask your child, “What might happen if you take really big bites?”. I am always discussing being safe while eating. There are many other questions such as “What do you do when someone is talking to you?”. The answer is “Listen respectfully and don’t interrupt!”. This is a very good lesson to learn about having a conversation. They may seem common sense to us but to our children they need to learn good manners from us as parents and the world around us. Language concepts include: answering “wh” questions, problem solving, inferencing, improving pragmatic and social skills,  and turn taking to name a few.

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