Eat Your Science Homework

Food ScienceIs your child a little scientist? Do you want to find ways to help your child learn over the summer? Check out this book, Eat Your Science Homework, Recipes for Inquiring Minds by Ann McCallum!

eatyourscienceWorking on school work can be difficult over the summer, but with Eat Your Science Homework your kids can help you in the kitchen while learning key science concepts! Science and cooking go hand in hand with this book. Make atomic popcorn balls and teach your child about elements and the Periodic Table of Contents. Make invisible ink snack pockets and teach your child about oxidation, the pH scale and an ion. This book is ideal for an older child (ages 7-10 years old) but even grown ups can get a refresher of science from this book! The recipes in this book are easy to follow and most of the ingredients listed are commonly found in most family’s refrigerators and pantries (e.g. cheese, butter, flour, noodles, etc). I made the invisible ink pockets which worked out really well. Since my children are younger, I modified the lesson so that they can understand the basic principles beyond the “invisible ink”. They “painted” their initials on each pocket, which made the activity fun and motivating.  The more your child is involved in the cooking process, the more they will be inclined to eat their food. With this recipe, you can fill the pockets with any filling that your child prefers which makes it super easy! The book also includes a science review and a glossary.

A great summer book! Check out Ann’s other book, Eat Your Math Homework. Also check out her guest post here.

Carry over some of these ideas to other recipes that you may create in your kitchen. The next time you are making calzones, write a secret message on it. This can help with improving literacy and expanding vocabulary. With all of Ann’s recipes, it is easy to work on sequencing, recalling information and following directions.

Stay tuned for a guest post by Ann McCallum coming soon! Pre-order your book now!

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