Eat Pete!

Eat Pete! by Michael Rex is a funny and engaging picture book to read with your young child. The story begins with a friendly monster who visited a boy named Pete. When the monster arrives, Pete wants to play with him but the monster doesn’t because he wants to eat him! However, playing cars looks like fun so he decides to play with Pete. The monster can’t believe he has so much fun but still wants to eat Pete! After playing some games with Pete, the monster finally decides to eat Pete. After eating Pete, he has no one to play with and is sad and feels regret. Why is he sad? He misses Pete of course! At the end of the book, he decides to spit up Pete again and finds that having a friend is a lot more fun then playing alone! This book also encourages symbolic play by exposing a child to different types of games and role play.

Eat Pete! is a great book for young children because it’s humorous, repetitive and has engaging pictures that keep a young child gravitating towards the story. The author also gives children plenty of opportunities to learn new words such as “walking the plank”, “dug for treasure”, and “acted like scallywags”. Throughout the story, discuss the different emotions of the two characters and how they changed throughout the story. The monster was hungry, happy, sad, regretful and then affectionate. How about the boy? He was happy, sad, mad and then happy again after he forgave the monster. 

After reading the book, help your child retell the details in the story by reviewing the events that occurred in the story. What did they do first? When did the monster eat Pete? What happened after he ate him? To learn more about read aloud strategies, check out my parent friendly ebook here. 

Do you to want to learn more about the author and illustrator Michael Rex? Check out his website here.

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