Eat Healthy, Feel Great

eat healthy feel great“Eat Healthy, Feel Great” by William and Martha Sears and Christie Watts Kelly (Preschool and up) is an excellent and educational book to read to your child during mealtime (or anytime). The authors categorize foods into “green light foods”, “yellow light foods” and “red light foods”. They clearly and simply explain what nutrients are as well as vitamins, protein, fiber and much more. There are two recipes included in the book as well as a poster of the green, yellow and red light foods. I hung the poster up right near the kitchen table so my kids can see all the time what foods are “good for your body” and what foods “should be eaten sparingly or not at all”.  Now, each time one of my children asks for a “red light food”  (e.g. cotton candy), I just tell them its a “red light food” and they don’t ask any more questions! With this book, encourage conversation about healthy foods, improve vocabulary and help categorize foods. Work on colors, food groups and answering and asking “wh” questions. Ask your child about what’s on their plate and if they could tell you what are green, yellow and red light foods. Discuss the various colors on your plate. Ask your child to find the darkest food on their plate. This book has endless possibilities………

***Tip***I expanded this concept of green, yellow and red light to activities. For example, TV is a yellow light activity. We can’t watch it all the time, just sometimes. Try it!


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