Earth Day Picture Books

earth day picture books

curious gardenThe Curious Garden by Peter Brown is a beautiful book about a boy named Liam who discovers a passion for growing a garden in a city without gardens or any greenery. The story begins with Liam finding a struggling garden on a railroad track. He is determined for this garden to thrive and spends all winter learning how to be the best gardener. In the Spring, the garden spreads throughout the whole city and makes the city a beautiful and lush place to live in. It also attracts other people to be gardeners and contribute to this beautiful scenery. The illustrations make this book truly magical.

What I love about this book is that it is based off the old elevated railway called the Highline in NYC. The Highline was shut down and forgotten in the 80’s but now it is a lush garden that people can appreciate.

why should I save waterWhy Should I Save Water? by Jen Green is an educational book on how to explain to young children how to conserve water. The books gives many examples on how to conserve water, one of our most natural and precious resources. Many times people take water for granted. I certainly have with my very long showers and keeping the water running while brushing my teeth. I have to remind myself to conserve water more and take the steps in not taking it for granted. In California, there is a severe drought which has become  dangerous for residents, farmers and many other people. It has made me help to appreciate water and learn to conserve it. It is also up to us as parents to teach our child how to conserve and appreciate water.

recycle everydayRecycle Everyday by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace is a wonderful book to teach your child about recycling. Growing up, my family and I recycled, but not in the way we do today.

The book is about a girl named Minna who has a school project about recycling. The book takes you through all different ways a family can recycle including giving your clothes to good will, bringing bags to the market, giving away books to others in need and basic recycling. This book is wonderful to educate a young child about all different ways to recycle. It can be read year round to remind us all that we need to help each other and reuse and recylcyle in order to keep our earth clean and safe.

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