Drip! Drop! How Water Gets To Your Tap

drip dropEarth day is a perfect opportunity to discuss  with your child what the water cycle is, the process of creating drinking water, and water conservation. Drip! Drop! How Water Gets To Your Tap is well illustrated and clearly explains the very complex process of how water gets into your tap in simple terms for children of varying ages (I would say 4 and up) to understand. My own son is fascinated with the process of how water comes out of the tap. When my librarian found this book, I was really looking forward to reading it during mealtime. My 4 year old understood it so well that when we took a walk down to the lake, he asked where the pipes were that went to the reservoir. I also love the fun experiments in the back that are meant to be done with your child (e.g. making your own rain, creating vapor). What I find most important about this book is that it explains how precious water is and why we can’t waste it. The next time your child leaves the faucet on, you can remind them how much work it takes to get into your tap.


  1. […] Barbara Seuling, author of Drip! Drop! How Water Gets in Your Tap. She is a  former children’s book editor and the author and/or illustrator of more than […]

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