Dr. Seuss 100 First Words

Do you want to help expand on your child’s vocabulary? Check out this new Dr. Seuss Book, Dr. Seuss 100 First Words! This book releases today!

I am a big fan of Dr. Seuss books, especially after learning more about him in Who Was Dr. Seuss? Reading Dr. Seuss books to my children and the children that I work with brings me delight because his illustrations are timeless.

Dr. Seuss 100 First Words is a sturdy board book that introduces babies and toddlers to 100 essential words. The book includes illustrations from his classic books including Green Eggs and Ham, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and Hop and Pop to name a few. I like the way the book is organized into different categories such as Wild Animals, Farm Animals, Mealtime, Food, Outside, Home, Myself, Toys, Colors, Things that Go, Clothes, Pets, Bath time and Bedtime. Each page includes Dr. Seuss with various items that relate to that specific vocabulary.

Do you want to use this book to help your child expand vocabulary? Here are some tips!

  1. As you a reading the book, point to the picture and model language. For example, on the top page say, “I see rings. Rings are a toy.”
  2. To help carryover the word into other contexts, take the object out and show your young child. For example, point to the blocks picture. Say “I see blocks” and then show them their blocks. This will help connect the word to the picture.
  3. Take the book outside with you and show your child all of the things you can see outside from the page above. After you point to the picture and model the language, go on a scavenger hunt to find a “worm”, “butterfly”, “nest” and “sun”. Bring the kite with you as well!
  4. To help your child learn categories, point out different items in that category. For example, under toys, take out a board game and say “Candy land is a toy too just like rings and blocks. We play with toys”. Most children will naturally learn categories through play and modeling language but there are always great opportunities to help expand on this opportunity!

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Dr. Seuss’s 100 First Words

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