Don’t Play With Your Food!

don't play with your foodDon’t Play With Your Food! by Bob Shea is a fun and engaging book to read during mealtime.

Buddy is a monster who wants to eat bunnies for dinner. The bunnies trick him by inviting him to bake cupcakes with them but then Buddy is too full to eat them. The story continues with the bunnies dressing up like Buddy, playing hide and seek, swimming together and even visiting an amusement park. Each time, Buddy has a different excuse not to eat the bunnies until the end, when he realizes that the bunnies are his friends, and not food! Buddy is a likeable character that any young child will love. He is a funny and silly monster that is full of expression.

Language and Learning Tips: Use expression when reading (see my article here about using expression when reading). Buddy speaks loudly in the book and shows a lot of expression. Ask your children, “How does Buddy feel?”, “Why does Buddy want to eat the bunnies?” , “How do you think the bunnies feel about Buddy?”. I also like that Bob Shea distinguishes who is speaking by text color (the bunnies are one text color and Buddy is a different text color). This can help with print awareness and recognizing turns within conversation. Focus on expanding vocabulary by learning new words such as “promise”, “trick”, “vote”, etc. Also, you can practice counting by counting all of the bunnies! Next time, you tell you kids “Don’t play with your food”, you can think of this book 🙂


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