Don’t Eat That!

I love children’s books that are illustrated and written by cartoonists. When Don’t Eat That! arrived in my mailbox I knew immediately that I would love the book! This book releases today so get your copy now.

Don’t Eat That! written and illustrated by Drew Sheneman starts with a scene of a large brown bear in the woods that was recently dropped off by the city zoo. Meanwhile, not far away a girl scout is lurking in the forest on a quest to find get her bird watching merit badge from the Girl Scouts. Until she hears a noise! It’s a Northern Brown Bear she discovers! After observing him for a short time, he begins to eat a rock and she shouts Don’t Eat That! This humorous and witty book takes the reader through various adventures that this unlikely pair will encounter. At the end of the book, the young girl and bear learn from each other and develop a special bond. Each scene in the book is full of animation, character and interesting dialogue. It’s a book that children of all ages and abilities would love. 

This book is excellent for all different types of readers. I love the illustrations and especially the various expressions on the characters faces and how they express themselves throughout the book. As you are reading the book, model language and comment on the emotions of the characters. For example, use a sentence like “Bear is proud when he catches a fish”. There is also wonderful abstract language that can taught throughout the book as well. For example, the girl states “I’m sorry Big Guy. I didn’t mean to be so unbearable.” Discuss the meaning of the word “unbearable” and point out the word “bear” in the word. Use print referencing strategies as you are reading the text and discuss the various turns in conversation between the two main characters in the story. 

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