Does your child have allergies? Read these books…….

allergy collageDoes your child have a nut or gluten allergy? I have found these books to be really helpful in explaining and teaching your child about allergies….

Nutley, the Nut Free Squirrel is a wonderful book to read during mealtime in order to teach children about allergies and improve overall awareness. My kids really enjoyed the book and thought that it was so funny that the squirrel was allergic to nuts (they wanted me to read it four times after reading it initially!)  The book was well illustrated, engaging to read and had some important lessons about allergies (recognizing allergies and working together with your loved ones). To read more, click here.

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The Day I Met the Nuts is a story about a boy who is allergic to nuts.  He finds out that he is allergic to nuts when he eats “double chocolate muddy-nutty cake” at a birthday party. He immediately has a reaction and has to visit the doctor and get a shot and medicine. The book takes the reader through visiting the doctor, specific feelings that he has about changing his diet and the challenges he has when buying food at the supermarket with his mom. In the end, he realizes that he can eat many different types of food and that his friends love him for who he is, regardless of what he is allergic to. To read more, click here.
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No More Cupcakes & Tummy Aches is a wonderful book to help explain to a child what a gluten allergy is as well as the challenges that might accompany it. My children are not on a gluten free diet but by the end of this book, they both wanted to be gluten free! This book is well written and clearly describes the symptoms and emotions of having celiac disease. It also discusses the process of visiting the pediatrician which is really important.  To read more, click here.

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