Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?

Do you know which ones will growDoes a cupcake grow up to be a cake? No! “Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?” (ages 4 and up) written by Susan Shea is a beautifully illustrated, silly, and informative book that is wonderful to read during mealtime and to have as part of your home library. On one side of the page, the author gives examples of what animals do grow up such as “If a cub grows up and becomes a bear”, etc and then on the other side of the page, the reader has to answer yes or no to the questions asked (e.g. “Does a stool grow up to be a chair?”). The book is extremely interactive because it naturally engages the child to answer “yes” or “no” and also gets them involved with opening up the page flaps. The pictures are attractive and engaging which keeps a child very interested in the book.  Work on expanding vocabulary, answering yes/no questions, answering “wh” questions and size concepts. Begin a discussion on what “growing up” really means and define the difference between living things and inanimate objects. Your child will be giggling and learning at the same time with “Do You Know Which Ones Will Grow?”.

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