Dino Files A Mysterious Egg

dino filesAre you looking for an engaging chapter book series for your elementary aged child? Check out Dino Files by Stacy McAnulty! The Dino Files, A Mysterious Egg is about a boy named Frank L Mudd who is a 9-year-old dinosaur expert, his paleontologist grandparents, a cat named Saurus, and fossils that might not be so extinct! Frank spends the summers with his grandparents helping out at the Dinosaur Education Center of Wyoming called “DECoW”. According to Frank, it’s the “best place on the planet”. DECoW has a museum with a lab and seven dig sites. At the dig sites, Frank helps to find dinosaur fossils. This summer is a little different because Frank’s cousin, Samantha is staying with his grandparents as well, which turns into trouble when they find a mysterious egg. What is inside the egg? A dinosaur of course! Aren’t dinosaurs extinct? Not anymore! The author takes the reader through the adventures of Frank and Samantha and their dinosaur, Peanut. Will they tell Grandma about Peanut? What happens when Peanut disappears? The book also includes a glossary with words and definitions such as paleontologist, herbivore and much more! Dino Files A Mysterious Egg can not only be an enjoyable book for children to read but also an educational experience.

Dino Files A Mysterious Egg can be both a read aloud book or a book that your child can read by themselves. Follow up with the variety of carryover activities that Stacy provides on her website here.

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