Danny Dog

Danny Dog by Sid Shapira is a wonderful book about rescuing a dog and second chances. I really enjoyed this book because it helps children understand the joy and act of kindness in adopting a dog from a pet rescue. It also takes you through the disappointment from a dog’s perspective of finding a home that was not right for him, and then finding his permanent home.

The book begins with two young children who discover a lost dog and bring him to a local pet rescue group to find the right home. The dog, who was formerly known as Jing Jing settles in at the local shelter with other dogs who are all shapes and sizes. Days, nights and weeks passed and Jing Jing is still without his forever home. One day, a couple arrives to meet Jing Jing. They immediately love him and bring him home. However, when he arrives back home, the couples other dog growls and grumbles at Jing Jing and wants nothing to do with the little dog in the house. The couple brings Jing Jing back to the pet rescue group after this encounter with their dog. Jing Jing is heartbroken and wonders if he will ever find a home. He wasn’t heartbroken for long because a friendly couple shows up shortly and decides to adopt Jing Jing right away! He wonders, “Will this be my forever home?” When he arrives at the new home, he sees two cats that live with the couple and becomes nervous. The cats immediately greet him and begin playing with him. He is overjoyed! The couple also decides to rename him Danny after the owner’s father, Dan.

Danny Dog: A rescue dog finds his forever home


After reading this book, I wanted to ask the author, Sid Shapira  about his journey in becoming a children’s book author and writing about a topic that he is so passionate about. Thank you Sid!

1. What was the process in getting your book, Danny Dog published?

Frankly, I had never given much thought to writing a children’s book. I write people’s life stories/memoirs (storiesbetold.com). But, then we adopted Danny. There are so many dogs in the same situation as Danny (needing a forever home). I thought it was important to share with children the message of pet rescue, adoption and second chances. After doing some research and talking to the pet rescue organization that took care of him, I realized his story needed to be told. I began writing the story, worked with a book editor in New York to refine the text and found a wonderful illustrator who lives in England. I decided to self-publish the book because I wanted to keep the integrity of Danny’s story. Since the book has been released, we have visited some 70 schools throughout San Diego County to share Danny’s heartwarming story. It’s been so gratifying! (dannyrescuedog.com.)

2. Can you tell me more about the Emerald City Pet Rescue?

Headquartered in Seattle, Emerald City Pet Rescue also has a presence in Southern California. Danny was found wandering in a strip mall in a small town in Southern California. The person who found him knew about Emerald City Pet Rescue and contacted them. A representative from ECPR picked up Danny and he was eventually transferred to a facility in San Diego County, where we met him and fell in love with him. Emerald City Pet Rescue invited us up to Seattle for a book signing just after the book was released. It’s a wonderful organization that takes in pets from all over the world.

3. What advice would you give to families that would like to rescue a dog from a shelter? Don’t think twice about it! These pets bring so much joy to your life and are so grateful for the second chance. Just like Danny, they’re yearning for a forever home.

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