Curious George Makes Pancakes

curious george makes pancakesIf you don’t already know, I am HUGE fan of Curious George. I have been since I was a little girl and it just lives on! My kids love the books as well and Curious George Makes Pancakes (ideal for 5-8 years old) is one of their favorites. I love Curious George because he is so sweet but very silly, which is a common behavior in my own home. In this book, Curious George joins his friend, The Man with the Yellow Hat to a pancake breakfast. George decided to help make the pancakes by helping flip the pancakes, placing smily faces on the pancakes and giving them his magic touch. The people love it until the cook finds out George is helping. He runs away and finds himself in more trouble than he could imagine. The book also takes you through the simple sequence of cooking the pancakes with the clear visuals.  The book also explains what happens when you get syrup all over you. Sticky mess! Read this during your next pancake breakfast.

Carryover Activities: There is a pancake recipe in the back for you and your kids to make together or try one of these recipes on my site. Have your kids use different ingredients to decorate their pancakes such as blueberries, chocolate chips, carob chips, nuts, raisins or sprinkles. Focus on sequencing (steps to making the pancakes), expanding vocabulary and retelling the story of Curious George making pancakes. Ask questions, “Why did George get in trouble?”, “How did George feel when he was making the pancakes?”

This post was written for my friends Jamie and Mindy who love Curious George as much as me!


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