Curious George Makes Maple Syrup

curious george maple syrupDo your kids love maple syrup? Do your kids love Curious George? I don’t remember a time in my life where I didn’t love Curious George. I have loved Curious George’s books since I could remember ever holding a book and my kids feel the same way about this curious, sweet monkey. When I saw this book coming out a couple of months ago, I immediately pr- ordered it. Where I live in Westchester, there are a lot of maple farms around here and it’s pretty accessible to bring your kids along on a trip to learn about how to make maple syrup. Growing up on bottles of artificial syrup that was full of basically corn, I have a real love for pure maple syrup. I use it for baking (especially my granola) and of course eat pancakes and waffles with it.

Curious George Makes Maple Syrup is a book about the process of making maple syrup. The book takes you through step by step the process of tapping the tree, boiling the syrup and then finally eating it. The book begins with George using up all of his syrup at breakfast. Him and his friend Allie venture out to Renkins Farm in search of a maple tree. They find a maple tree, tap it and then watch the sap come out. They try to eat pancakes with the sap as the syrup but that doesn’t work! They realize they need to boil it down for it to become maple syrup. The book ends with them eating a wonderful pancake breakfast with George’s yummy maple syrup.

From this book, a child can learn many new things. New vocabulary such as “characteristic”, “maple tree”, “maple leaf”, “tapping” and much more. Work on sequencing by asking your child to repeat the steps of how to make maple syrup. Ask questions during the book such as “Why didn’t the sap taste like maple syrup?”, “What do you need to do to the tree to get the sap out?”, etc.

Carryover Activities: Visit a maple farm! If that is not possible, do some carryover activities. There is a carryover activity in the book about making a maple leaf (have your child learn about the five points of a maple leaf).  Go outside and look for a maple tree and discuss the differences between a maple tree and another type of tree.  Do a taste test between artificial syrup and pure maple syrup 🙂

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Follow Up Recipes: Maple Pound Cake, Maple Cornmeal Pancakes, Maple Shortbread Cookies

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  1. Hi. I am trying to find ‘Curious George makes maple syrup’ in Spanish for a little girl
    In Nicaragua. Do you know if it is available as all I can find is English?
    Thank you
    Joyce Almond

    • I couldn’t find that book in Spanish. An easy fix would be to use a program to translate the text. You can type out the text in Spanish on Microsoft Word, print it out, laminate it and then velcro it over the English text as an idea. Good luck!

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