Curiosity The Story of a Mars Rover

Do you have a child that loves space? How about the planet Mars?

One of my favorite books that I have purchased recently is the picture book Curiosity The Story of a Mars Rover by Markus Motum. This book contains facts that both children and adults can learn from and be inspired by. The beautiful and interesting illustrations keeps a child engaged in the information and can be read over and over again. The overall appearance of the book is also interesting because it’s shaped differently and larger than most picture books. This makes it easier to see on a bookshelf and can also be beneficial during read alouds so all of the children in a class can see the pictures. 

This book, Curiosity The Story of a Mars Rover takes the reader through the journey of creating the rover, how it got it’s name, it’s functionality and the amazing discoveries that it’s made! The author defines specific vocabulary and explains where Mars is in relation to where the Earth is located. When reading this book you will learn about the process and rationale of how the rover was built and the various factors that NASA considered when building this rover. The author provides specific details that will keep a child pondering about space for a very long time and maybe wanting to make their own rover someday! I was fascinated by the information and didn’t know many of the facts about Curiosity so reading this book was interesting for me as well! This book is a great for any home book shelf and can also be used in a classroom to discuss astromony and space.

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This video really brings the whole process of Curiosity to life 


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