Cupcake Game

Cupcake Game (5 years and up) by Eeboo is a fun and interactive game that both you and your child will enjoy in a variety of ways. The object of the game is to collect all of your ingredients first before anyone else. This game naturally focuses primarily on categorization  (dry ingredients, wet ingredients, etc) in order to make  your cupcake.  I love this game because it not only teaches what is involved in creating a cupcake but also teaches specifics such as what particular flavoring and decoration belongs to each cupcake. Depending on what cupcake your little one chooses (choice of chocolate, vanilla, lemon and carrot), they have to match the specific item with their cupcake (e.g. if you child chooses the plate with the carrot cupcake, they need to find the carrot decoration, cream cheese frosting, etc). It also helps work on turn taking, expanding vocabulary, and matching. After this game, your little one will be pro in the kitchen!

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