Crepes by Suzette

The first time that I discovered Monica Wellington’s books was with a student of mine who loved Apple Farmer Annie. We read this book over and over again in our speech and language therapy sessions and I couldn’t wait to check out more of her books. Then I found Crepes by Suzette! For many years Crepes by Suzette was out of print but now it’s back in print and on sale again! I have been reading this book to my children for almost 7 years now so seeing this book back in print was like seeing an old friend again!

Crepes by Suzette

Teach your children all about crepes and learn some new French words when reading Crepes by Suzette by Monica Wellington.

This book takes you through the streets of Paris, as Suzette wheels her cart around and makes a variety of crepes for all of the people that she interacts with, including a postman, a recently married couple, an artist, and children. The book also takes you through the sequence of making the batter, buying the fruit and then meeting all of her customers. At the end of the book, Monica discusses different landmarks in Paris as well as an introduction to famous paintings. Crepes by Suzette also includes a recipe for crepes in the back (which yields amazing crepes).

Crepes by Suzette App

After reading this book, check out the Crepes by Suzette App! This app is a fun and engaging app that will is not only educational but interactive. To learn all about the app with tips on how to use it for language facilitation, click here. To use this app with the interactive plush toy, Bluebee Pal Pro, check out my review here.

Language Tips During a Read Aloud

When reading this book, discuss where Paris is located (this can done on a globe or online through google earth). Ask your child what would be their favorite filling and make the crepe together. We learned new French words, discussed the Mona Lisa painting and all of the different landmarks in Paris. Ask “wh” questions (e.g. “Who did Suzette meet?”, “What type of crepe did Suzette make for the postman?”, etc), encourage language expansion and work on sequencing (e.g. first she met the postman, then she met the …). The best part, sharing a crepe for dessert (see recipe here)!

To learn more about Monica, check out my interview with her here.

Crepes by Suzette

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