Creativity Fun: Kitchen

Creativity Fun: Kitchen will keep you and your child busy for hours. This book is full of fun activities to do with your child including coloring, cutting, gluing and lots of stickers. Creativity Fun Kitchen is geared towards food and cooking in the kitchen. I have been working on this book with my daughter every morning for the past three days and we are only about 1/3 way through the book. This book can be a great activity to do during snack time or a light meal.  When working on this book, you and your child can work on the following language concepts; answering “wh” questions, improving literacy, expanding vocabulary (my daughter now knows what an “apprentice” means), before and after, recalling information, turn taking, dressing up (dress up doll pictures with food stickers), describing, big vs. little, commenting, following directions, part/whole relationships, sequencing and colors to name a few! It also includes a recipe at the end. Fun and educational for both parent and child!   



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