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I am excited to present a guest post by Monica Wellington. My Leaf Book is one of my favorite books about Fall and I wanted to share a follow up post on ways to create your own leaf book. I asked Monica Wellington, author of My Leaf Book to share with me how she created her own leaf book. I also asked her some questions about this engaging, informative and beautiful book! 

1. What inspired you to write MY LEAF BOOK?

I love the beautiful colors of fall leaves and I decided I wanted to make a book about the changes that happen in autumn. When I started the project, I struggled a lot with my first attempts because they were too complicated and unfocused. Then, looking through an old trunk, I happened to find the leaf book I made when I was in elementary school. I remembered the walk I took in the woods close to where I lived and how I had enjoyed collecting many different kinds of leaves. I found 21 different ones. I made them into a book which is now almost 50 years old! The leaves have lost their bright colors and are very brittle, but they are still very beautiful. That first leaf book of mine was my inspiration for MY LEAF BOOK.

2. What is the best way to preserve leaves in a leaf book?

When I made my first leaf book I put the leaves in wax paper sandwich bags and ironed them. This has turned out to be a great way to preserve the leaves. If you can’t find the sandwich bags, you can use a roll of wax paper. (Obviously parental help is needed when ironing). To keep a record of the beautiful colors, you can make color xeroxes of the leaves. Really best of all, I think, is to do art projects with the leaves and collect those together in a notebook, to keep as a memory of the real leaves.

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3. What ideas can you suggest for children who do not experience the changing colors of the leaves because of where they live?

Children can do art projects with leaves even if they don’t turn colors. They can make leaf prints and rubbings (following the directions on the last page of the book) with green leaves at any time of the year, not just in the fall!

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