Crazy Faces

Crazy Faces (ages 5 and up) by Eeboo is great game to play during mealtime or any other play time. You can play it as instructed (Crazy 8’s) or you can play it many other ways. The first way that I played it was to show the cards during mealtime and my kids would have to guess what the food is. We also worked on feelings by me asking them “How is he feeling?” and my kids would have to tell me how that particular fruit or vegetable was feeling. We worked on matching, following directions (“give me the happy fruit), categories (separate by color, fruit, vegetable, shapes, etc), and numbers. You can also work on body parts, turn taking, expanding vocabulary and answering “wh” questions.  A great follow up activity would be decorate your own fruit or vegetable or draw your own fruit and decorate it with arts and crafts.

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