courage“There are many kinds of courage. Awesome kinds. And everyday kinds. Still courage is courage- whatever kind” Bernard Waber

What does courage mean to you? Courage is an excellent book on defining and beginning to explain what the concept of courage means. Courage means something different to each person, which is why it may be so hard to define it for children. For most children, they view courage relating only to firefighters and policeman. However, there is everyday courage that needs to be explained as well. Such as  jumping off of a diving board, starting your sand castle all over again after someone ruins it, riding your bicycle for the first time without training wheels and holding on to your dream.

I picked this book up at my daughter’s book fair and immediately loved it. I think any book that can encourage our children to be courageous people is a wonderful thing. My daughter recently came home and told me how she stood up to herself regarding a situation with a friend. We discussed what courage was and read the book. I think any child ages 5  and up would benefit from Courage.

Carryover Activities: Work on expanding vocabulary, discussing feelings and relating the book to your child’s every day life. What does courage mean for them? Have your child draw their definition of courage. You draw a picture as well and then discuss it. When reading this during mealtime, courage can be trying a new food 🙂

Bernard Waber also wrote and illustrated the famous Lyle, Lyle Crocodile books and was quite an inspiration for many. Unfortunately, he passed away in May 2013 but will always be remembered with his inspirational books. For more information regarding Bernard Waber, click here.

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