Colors for Zena

colors for zenaDoes your child know their colors? Do they know what primary and secondary colors are? Read here to find out when your child should be learning to identify and label colors.

Teach your child about the color wheel before school starts with this beautifully illustrated and well written book. Colors for Zena by Monica Wellington (appropriate for ages Preschool to 1st Grade) begins with Zena and her dog in a world that lacks color. With each scene, Zena and her dog discover new colors and color combinations. With the color wheel concept well embedded into the story, your child will begin to learn these concepts just by listening to you read the story. Colors for Zena discusses the primary and secondary colors. By the end of this book, you can lead a discussion on the color wheel. Ask your child, “What are the primary colors?”, “What happens when you mix Red and Yellow?”. Use the color wheel in the back as a visual aid.

As you are reading this story during mealtime, ask your child to look at their plate and tell you about the colors that they see. Are they primary or secondary colors?  Look at the clothing you all are wearing and discuss the colors you see.

In the back of the book, Monica gives a definition of the color wheel and some excellent carryover activities. Excellent for back to school!

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