Chomp Goes the Alligator

Are you looking for an interactive and fun children’s book for your young child? Check out Chomp Goes the Alligator by Matthew Van Fleet. Matthew Van Fleet writes and illustrates interactive picture books that can keep a young child learning and busy with so many different components to his books. Chomp Goes the Alligator is a multi sensory experience with the touch and feel embellishments and pull out flaps that make this book endless fun.

Chomp Goes the Alligator is full of various textures that a child can touch such as smooth, rough, shiny and fuzzy. The author combines a sensory experience with the combination of learning new vocabulary and concepts such as colors and counting. Throughout the book, the reader and child have the ability to be playful and also pull the flap in order to make the alligator “chomp”. At the end of the book there is one big pop up flap that reveals all of the animals.

Language and Learning Tips!
There are so many different language and learning concepts to this book. Label the different animals in the book as you are reading. Let your child participate by feeling the different textures in the book and labeling them. For example, when a child touches the shiny bird, say “shiny”. This will help build vocabulary and connect the word to the texture. Allow your child to interact with the book by pulling the flap to “chomp”. The more a child interacts in different ways with the book, the better the child will learn and remember the concepts. This is a book that can be read over and over again, each time focusing on different concepts. To learn more about read aloud strategies, check out my ebook here. 

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Chomp Goes the Alligator

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