Chef (People who help us)

Chef by Amanda Askew and Andrew Crowson (appropriate for approximately ages 3 and up) is a story about a chef named Roy who works at a diner. This book teaches the reader about what a chef does and what his responsibilities are.  I really liked that “Chef” discussed how to keep food safe in the kitchen.  In this book, the workers had to throw out several food items because the refrigerator broke down.  The workers had to revise their menu based on what occurred with their spoiled food. This is a great book to open a discussion about keeping food safe (what goes in the fridge, cabinet, etc). Ask your child “What belongs in the fridge?” or “What would you do if Mommy forgot to put the chicken in the fridge?”. I also love that the book discusses different types of foods, such a leeks and lamb chops.  This is part of an excellent series on community helpers, which makes it a valuable book to have in your library.




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