Bosley’s New Friends

Bosley's New FriendsDo you want to teach your child about different languages? Meet Bosley, the Language Bear! Bosley’s New Friends is a book in a series of dual language books by Tim Johnson. This book is very unique in that it targets many different concepts. The book itself is about a likable bear named Bosley who wants to communicate with the other animals in the forest, but he can’t speak their language. He feels curious about how he could communicate better with them. His father teaches Bosley how to listen for certain sounds, actions and words to learn their language. For example, when Bosley watches and listens to the beavers communicate, he begins to learn their words for “heavy”, “light”, “big” and “little”. His father encourages him to be patient and listen, which is an excellent tip for learning a new language “one word at a time”.

I loved this book because it brought up a topic that my children and I rarely discuss, different languages. It also brought up the discussion that all animals communicate in some way. After reading the book, my son and I watched videos of different animals communicating with each other (e.g. birds, dolphins, dogs). We talked about the different sounds each animal made and how they were similar and different. When reading the book, we heard a woodpecker outside, so I showed him a video of a woodpecker singing and communicating with a fellow woodpecker. This book brought up many interesting questions and discussions which I really enjoyed. The added bonus to this book is that in addition to teaching all of these wonderful concepts written above, there is a dual translation so you can also teach your child some new words from a different language. My book was English-Spanish, but there are many other dual translations available at  The Adventures of Bosley the Language Bear, Dual Language Books Designed to Teach. 

I am looking forward to Tim guest posting with Gravitybread in the near future!

buyitnowBosley’s New Friends (Spanish – English): A dual-language book (The Adventures of Bosley Bear) (Volume 5) (Spanish Edition)


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