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Does your child like vehicles? These two books, Blue Boat and With Any Luck, I’ll Drive a Truck are excellent for children at the preschool age up to kindergarten. The books present with colorful and bright illustrations with engaging texts that will keep your child attending to the story.

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With Any Luck, I’ll Drive a Truck by David Friend is an excellent book for a young child who loves all different types of trucks. In this story, the main character experiences his dream of experiencing concrete, a big backhoe, fireman’s truck, crane, 18-wheeler, flatbed trailer, combine, plow, earthmover, paver, forklift, jackhammer, wrecking ball, snow plower, tractor and trash compactor. The author takes you through each year of the boy’s life from age 2 up to age 7. As you are reading this book, emphasize the rhyming words in the story and define the various different types of trucks. Ask your child to describe the different trucks. For example ask, “What does a wrecking ball look like?, “It’s round, heavy and can destroy buildings”. If your child has trouble answering questions, model the answers as you are reading the book. This is an excellent book to reread several times with your child. To learn more about the benefits of repeating readings, click here. After reading this book several times, I began deleting the rhyming word and would use print referencing techniques to elicit the target word. For example, I would say “Forklift, say? Those too..with time for baling __(hay)!”

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blue boatBlue Boat by Kersten Hamilton is a story about a rough, tough tugboat named Blue Boat. In the book, people on a ship out at sea and in trouble and need help! Who will help? Blue Boat comes to the rescue after all of the other rescue boats can’t make it through the storm. Blue Boat is the toughest and bravest boat of all! This book is an excellent book to expose your child to phonemic awareness (with the repetitive rhyming words in the story), sequencing, expanded vocabulary and describing words (e.g. tough, tougher, toughest, etc). As you are reading the story, define specific definitions such as rescue, tugboat, tough, secure, captain, signals and brave. What does brave mean to your child? What does tough mean? Who was the toughest boat in the story and why?


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