Book Blog Tour for My Second Year of Kindergarten

This past week was the blog tour for My Second Year of Kindergarten. This book has been a project that I have been working on with Mascot Books for about 2 years and is close to my heart in many ways. This book is intended to be an educational tool for parents and educators about the topic of repeating a grade, specifically kindergarten. It’s a story about celebrating progress and having a flexible mindset.Thank you to Parenting ADHD and Autism, Super Mommy to the Rescue, All Done Monkey, Crayons Freckles and Maria Dismondy for participating.

Check out the reviews, giveaway and podcast below. Don’t forget to check out Crayons Freckles free getting ready for Kindergarten calendar.



“I remember when my son was in Kindergarten, we never thought anything of having any difficulties as he did great in K4 and early childhood. We didn’t think anything about the transition to an absolute full day of school. At first it started out great but as the year went on he started regressing in his learning and I knew we would have to repeat Kindergarten. Do you have a child or student who is repeating kindergarten? I had the chance to review My Second Year of Kindergarten written by Rebecca Eisenberg. I highly suggest reading it to your child.” To read the full review, click here.



Listen to this podcast about the topic of repeating kindergarten and other grades. Penny Williams (from Parenting ADHD and Autism) and I discuss various topics related to the repeating kindergarten.  Click here to listen to the whole podcast.




“Most of us grew up with a very negative idea about repeating a grade in school: Being held back a year was for troublemakers who just didn’t want to do the work, or kids who simply were not very bright. Luckily, today those stereotypes are fading, as people realize that being held back a year is just one more tool in an educator’s toolkit when it comes to helping a child be successful at school.” To read Leanna’s full review from All Done Monkey, click here.


“As a parent of a child who has had to repeat a grade, it can be a tough issue to tackle. Children’s books on this topic are hard to find. So when I heard of Rebecca Eisenberg’s new book, My Second Year of Kindergarten, I knew it was something I wanted to share with all of you. I’m so very grateful she sent me a free copy to preview and share my thoughts on with you.” To read the full review and get the opportunity to download Andie’s Kindergarten Readiness ebook on Crayons Freckles, click here.


My Second Year of Kindergarten is a well written story about a boy named Peter who is courageous and confidant in his classroom. Repeating kindergarten is not a new concept, but having a book to describe the emotional and academic difficulty of this transition is. To read the full review on Maria’s blog, click here.

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