Bobs and Tweets Trick or Tweet

Are you looking for a spooky Halloween book that will help target literacy and language goals?


Bobs and Tweets Trick or Tweet by Pepper Springfield and illustrated by Kristy Caldwell is another inventive book in the Bobs and Tweets series. In TRICK OR TWEET, the Bobs and Tweets are all set for a big Bonefish Street Halloween, but this year Lou Tweet and Dean Bob want to trick-or-treat all by themselves. They have their costumes ready, a map of Bonefish Street, and a plan to win the best Halloween Block Contest. What happens when there is a blackout? Its Halloween ruined? Read the book to find out!

Language and Learning Tips

This book is engaging and appropriate for many ages because of the brightly colored and engaging illustrations and rhyming text. I love the idea that the main characters drew a map of the street, which helps kids follow along with the story. The book is also written in short chapters, which helps keeps children with reduced attention span attentive and engaged. With the rhyming text, your child will get exposed to pattern of phonemic awareness and increased vocabulary. As you are reading, stop to define some important vocabulary words such as “cooperate” and “chant”. To help carryover this vocabulary into your child’s receptive and expressive language, use this word in different contexts. 

Social Skills

To help target some social skills goals, point out the different facial expressions and body language of the different characters in the story. How do they feel? Are they scared? Why? Do they feel excited? How can you tell? There are so many different conversations that can come up with the interactions of these animated characters. 

Carryover Activity

Make your own map of your trick or treating route! This can be a fun and interactive activity that can not only helpful when trick or treating but educational in how your child designs their own map and keeps track of their treats. Take this to the next level by comparing and contrasting what you received at each house! What house did you get the most candy? What house did you get the least amount of candy? When you are done, save the map to compare for next year’s trick or treating!

Trick or Tweet (Bobs and Tweets 3)


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