Blueberries for Sal

Blueberries for SalBlueberries for Sal (ages 3 and up) is a classic story of a little girl named Sal who wanders away from her mom when blueberry picking. On the other side of the mountain, a little bear also wanders off from his mother when gathering blueberries for the upcoming winter. Little Sal and Little Bear get mixed up and wind up with the wrong Mommy. Both the Mama Bear and Sal’s Mom were very surprised but were able to find their little ones by the sounds they were making.

This book is excellent to read during mealtime because it opens the conversation for many topics and new vocabulary including the process of hibernation and canning. With your child, discuss the similarities and differences of Sal and Little Bear. Ask your kids to point out the characters on the mountain which helps improve visual awareness.

Eat some blueberries with this book!!!

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