Book Themed Birthday Parties with Brightly

Brightly stockWhat is your child’s favorite book? Are you looking for a creative idea for your child’s next birthday party? How about a birthday party with the theme of your child’s favorite book? I was recently contacted by Brightly, an online resource that helps parents raise lifelong readers. The website includes book recommendations for varying stages and ages (books for babies up to teenagers) tips and advice for parents with tons of free and educational printable activities.

I love the idea of highlighting children’s books during a birthday party because of the many benefits that reading and literature brings to a  young mind. Creating a book party around a favorite book can bring the story to life! It can also help increase a child’s motivation to read. For more information on motivating your child to read, click here.

Are you looking for birthday book ideas for younger child (ages 1 -5)? Check out birthday ideas from Brightly for a younger child (e.g. babies, toddlers, preschoolers), here. To see a list of recommended children’s books for that age group click here. Brightly has excellent printable activities and party kits for children’s books such as Spot, Little Pookie and Duck and Goose. Does your child love the series Madeline? Check out these ideas from Brightly for a Madeline theme based party. How about a Ladybug Girl party? Check out how to throw a Ladybug Girl party here. If you don’t see your child’s favorite book on Brightly, create your own party kit by starting with the book and following these tips.

Don’t have any birthday parties coming up? Try this idea at mealtime or snack time! Reading books helps to enrich your child’s language and improve vocabulary. To learn more about how to read to your child here.

I decided to tweak this idea of a book themed birthday party and have a special animal book theme at snack time. We decided on the topic of monkeys and made frozen chocolate covered bananas and read our favorite Monkey books, The Monkey Balloon and Suryia and Roscoe. To access The Monkey Balloon coloring pages, click here. To access a carryover writing activity for The Monkey Balloon, click here.  For language and learning tips for The Monkey Balloon, click here.









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