Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake

betty bunnyHave you ever craved a certain dessert and can’t think of anything else? Betty Bunny loves chocolate cake and she can’t think of anything else except eating chocolate cake. She loves it so much she wants to marry it!

I enjoyed this book because it’s easy for young children to understand the story. Additionally, it’s a topic many children can relate to. This book also helps build vocabulary and discuss appropriate vs inappropriate behavior. Betty Bunny throws a fit when she can’t get her cake and is sent to bed without dessert. Later that night, her mom promises her that she will get her cake if she eats her dinner the next day. Betty Bunny checks on her cake in the morning and fears the cake will be lonely in the fridge all by itself.  She decides to stuff it in her pocket. We all can guess how that turns out.

This book discusses patience, appropriate behavior and can be a great way to discuss your own rules in your house with regard to desserts. Ask your child to retell the story to practice sequencing and recalling information. Discuss new words such as “handful”, “patience”, “marry”, etc.

You will want some chocolate cake after this book 🙂

Carryover Activity: Try this chocolate zucchini cake recipe. Your kids will never know there is zucchini in it!



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