Best Picks Passover Picture Books

Passover Picture Books

I wanted to share these three Passover picture books with you that I have found worked well in my home. I am a member of PJ Library, which is a wonderful program that sends free books to families throughout the year to help educate children about Jewish holidays, traditions,etc. I like reading these books before Passover to prepare my children for the Seder and during Passover dinner to help teach my children about Passover. What better way to learn about Passover than during book reading time?

max makes a cakeMax Bakes A Cake is story about a little boy named Max who is looking forward to making a cake for his mother’s birthday which happens to fall on Passover. His father is busy with his younger sister so Max grows inpatient. He gets creative and makes his own birthday cake with matzoh and a special frosting. The illustrations and story keeps a child engaged and the recipe in the back is super child friendly.







izzyWouldn’t it be wonderful to have a robot clean up all of your mess? Izzy the Whiz and Passover McClean is a favorite book for my kids all year round. They are fascinated with the machine Passover McClean and love the illustrations and story. The story begins with Izzy trying to create a robot that cleans up all of the leftover bread and crumbs in the house to prepare for Passover. Izzy has a couple of struggles but succeeds in the end!





only nine chairsOnly Nine Chairs, A Tall Tale of Passover is an excellent picture book to infuse a little humor during Passover while teaching a child about the holiday. The book teaches a child all about the Passover Seder including the Seder plate, food served at a Passover dinner and certain traditions. What will happen to everyone if there aren’t enough chairs? They all have to sit on top of each other! This is a silly book with lots of information that a child can learn about Passover. A wonderful book to engage a child during a Passover Seder!


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