Awkward, The Social Do’s and Don’t of Being a Young Adult

Are you a parent of a young adult with developmental disabilities or a social communication disorder? Are you a therapist working with adults with pragmatic deficits? Check out this book titled Awkward, The Social Do’s and Don’t of Being a Young Adult.

Awkward, The Social Do’s and Don’t of Being a Young Adult

This book helps break down family, friends, work and community social situations to help provide useful tips on socially appropriate behavior in everyday daily situations. The tools that are included in this book include: positive and negative examples of what to do in social situations, an example script, discussion questions and a self assessment for each topic. The goal of the book as provided by the authors is to “help people feel more assured socially; it is intended to be concise  quick reference and frequent use.”

My thoughts…

When I received this book from Future Horizons, I immediately liked the simple layout and clear intent in the book. Often books contain too much text and not enough visuals. For many adults with developmental disabilities, visuals help them understand the content and then carry it over to other situations. Additionally, understanding social situations can be very challenging for many young adults and this book help break down specific situations with helpful information and questions for comprehension.


I love the way the authors break down the contents of the book. Within the Family sections are situations such as Do I know how to accept gifts?, Do I know how to respond to someone talking about something I don’t like?, etc. The other contents include Non-Family Relationships, Work, Community and Resources.


Depending on what your role is the implementation may vary. Also, the implementation can also vary depending on what situations are most difficult for that specific individual. For example, many of the adults I work with struggle with interacting in the community. The situations, Do I know how to talk with people in the community? and Do I know hot get help in public? can be very helpful. However, a parent may find some of the family situations more applicable. Awkward is more a handbook than anything can be used in a variety of contexts with different disciplines. 

About the Authors

Awkward is co written by Carlos Torres and Katie Saint and illustrated by Michelle Lund. Carlos Torres is an author, coach and therapist. He creates curriculum and designs groups to develop social skills, vocational skills, leisure skills and relationships skills. Katie Saint is a board certified behavior analyst and license professional therapist. She presents locally and internationally on topics related to autism, mental health and behavior analysis.

Do you want to learn more about this book? Check out this video by the authors themselves…

Awkward The Social Do’s and Don’t of Being a Young Adult

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