Ava’s Adventure

ava's adventureAva’s Adventure
by Laura Pedersen is about a young girl who overcomes her disappointment and learns an important lesson when her parents won’t pay for an upcoming trip with a friend. Ava wants desperately to go with her friend Lucas on a snowboarding trip. Her parents can’t let her go because it is too expensive and they were unable to pay for the trip. Ava gets mad at her parents and storms to her room. After being bored for a little while, she comes up with a creative idea to construct something related to her trip. All weekend long, she works hard on a special project that she presents to her friend when he returns home from the snowboarding trip.

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Have you ever thought of an excellent idea when you are sitting around being bored?  In today’s digital world with over-scheduling and electronics, many children do not get the opportunity to just sit quietly. I recently read a book that discussed the importance of letting our children be bored at times. If our children are never bored, then they can’t develop the skills to entertain themselves. This book can also be an excellent tool when pairing it with Laura’s other children’s book, Unplugged: Ella Gets Her Family Back.

When reading this book to your child, ask your child questions such as “What does expensive mean?”, “What does money doesn’t grow on trees mean?”, “How does Ava feel in the beginning of the book?”, “How does Ava feel when she presents her project to her friend Lucas?”. Ava’s adventure also emphasizes taking turns in conversation and presenting various emotions.

Carryover Activity: Create your own village using various  recycled materials. Check out this house made of a milk jug! We made our own by using duct tape to cover the jug and then covering it in stickers, poms poms, etc.

Encourage your child to create their own project! Give them a bunch of materials and let me think of something creative.

Are you a teacher? Check out this worksheet by UsingEnglish.com that you can use when doing a project with this book in the classroom.

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