All My Treasures A Book of Joy

all of my treasuresAll My Treasures A Book of Joy by Jo Witek illustrated by Christine Roussey is a story about treasuring the day to day gifts. This enchanting book makes an ideal gift to give someone because of it’s beautiful presentation. The book also has the addition of numerous flaps on each page to further engage a child in the story during reading. All My Treasures A Book of Joy is about a young girl who receives a porcelain box from her grandmother. Her grandmother tells her to “take care of it” and “choose the perfect treasure to put inside”. What do you put inside a beautiful box? Instead of putting inanimate objects, she decides to put memories in there that she always wants to remember. These memories that she wants to include in her special gift box include love, rainy days, her sister’s first steps, memories of games that she has played, a sunrise and peace and quiet. As you are reading the book, engage your child by asking them to open the flaps and label all of the pictures that he or she sees. This can help also improve expressive language by expanding vocabulary and also answering “wh” questions (“What do you see?”)

This book is a special book because it’s something that can be shared between a parent and child but also a reminder to have gratitude for the day to day memories.  Birthdays and special events are fun but sometimes the best memories are the ones unplanned and happening on just a “normal day”.

What would your child put in her treasure chest? What would you put in your treasure chest? All My Treasures A Book of Joy is a book about mindfulness, good thoughts and a reminder for both children and adults alike. In our present world of distractions and everyday chaos, I appreciate any book that can help remind us of the simple and joyful things that we can appreciate every day.

Carryover Activity: Create your own treasure box and discuss the memories you would put inside of it. For a younger child, get a shoe box and pretend that is your treasure chest. Have the child write or draw memories that want to remember. You can take this activity to another level by decorating the box or putting as many memories as you want. This can also be a great gift to share with a loved one!

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