Adapted Hanukkah Story for Children with Special Needs

Are you looking for a resource to help your child learn about Hanukkah? For many older children with special needs, finding age appropriate books that explain the story of Hanukkah can be challenging. For one of my students I created an adapted book with Boardmaker Symbols. As a speech language pathologist, I have found creating adapted books to be a very effective strategy in explaining specific concepts, stories, etc. I wanted to share this printable book that can be easily opened up and printed so that others can benefit from it. 

There are many different versions of the Hanukkah Story. I decided to use the story from Reform Judaism to create this book given its simple storyline. Feel free to use this book as a way to explain the story of Hanukkah and add your own details to the story!

To learn more about Boardmaker Online, go their website here. 


Hanukkah Adapted Story (click here to print)


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