About Temple Grandin

temple grandin largeDo you have a child with autism? Do you know a child or adult with Autism?

When writing about autism, the name Temple Grandin comes up again and again. Who is Temple Grandin? Temple Grandin is an accomplished author, autism advocate and presenter. What makes her perspective unique? She has Autism and explains it in a way that others can begin to understand the perspective of a child and adult who lives with Autism. Temple has also written extensively on the connection of Autism with other disorders such as ADHD, ADD, etc. I have always found her to be very interesting because of my background in working with children and adults with Autism.

A couple of years ago when I was living in Manhattan, I saw her speak at my local Barnes and Nobles. She was both inspirational and engaging. In this talk,  Temple spoke about her most recent book at the time, The Autistic Brain. I wanted to take this time to share her most recent article in the Sensory Focus Magazine and also introduce you to some of her books that she has written. To check out her other books and DVDs, visit her Future Horizon here.  To see her most recent article in the Sensory Focus Magazine, click here.  To learn more about the Sensory Focus magazine, click here.

To see a video of Temple Grandin explaining Autism, click here.

To help build awareness of Autism through picture books, check out my picks for picture books on Autism Awareness Day. Stay tuned for my interview with Peter Reynolds (author of I’m Here), which will be posted later in the week.

To purchase any of Temple Grandin’s books at Future Horizons, use the code GRAVITY to get a 15% discount.



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