3 Picture Books by Katie Davis

Katie Davis

Katie Davis is an accomplished author and illustrator of many children’s books including Mabel the Tooth Fairy, Little Chicken’s Big Day, and Kindergarten Rocks. Other titles include Scared Stiff, Who Hoots? and many more. For more information on other books by Katie Davis visit her website here. Katie also writes titles to authors such as myself who have been recently published about promoting their children’s book.

Katie Davis will be participating in the Chappaqua Children’s Book Festival on September 27th, 2014. I wanted to share these favorites with you since they were favorites with my own children.

mabel the tooth fairy Mabel the Tooth Fairy is a book about a fairy named Mabel who wasn’t quite happy just being a regular fairy. She wanted to be something more. She wanted to be a tooth fairy! Mabel had just one problem. She didn’t like brushing her teeth and hated going to the dentist. Mabel tried everything to make her teeth better. Nothing seemed to work!  She gave up until she went on vacation and made a friend who happened to be a  dentist. Her friend gives her a job in his office and she finally gets the teeth she always wanted. I love this book because it incorporates humor into the story as well as a storyline that any four year old child and up will love. The book incorporates a variety of new vocabulary words and abstract language. Mabel the Tooth Fairy also encourages a child to take care of their teeth which is always a good thing!
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kindergarten rocksDo you want to get your child ready for Kindergarten? Read Kindergarten Rocks! This book will get your child really excited about starting this important milestone. We got this book as a gift and my kids love it. I used this book to help my daughter prepare for Kindergarten last year and am now reading it to my son who will be starting Kindergarten this coming Fall. Kindergarten Rocks! also teaches a child what to expect in Kindergarten and that it’s okay and totally normal to be scared the first day.

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little chickens Little Chicken’s Big Day is a great book for a preschooler. Its simple text and colorful illustrations make it ideal for a 2-5 year old child. The story is about a little chicken that gets constantly distracted when he is out with his mother (which is something most parents can understand!) What I love about the book is that it uses the same repetitive line over and over again. This can help a child learn the story and increase participation during book-reading time. It also teaches a child to stay close to their mama which is always a good thing!

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  1. Wow, thanks for the shoutout on my books! I really appreciate it! Hope to see you at Chappaqua!

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