Do you find it hard cooking for your kids every night? Being a working mom, I find it so difficult getting a healthy meal on the table every night. Since both of my kids have different likes/dislikes, finding the time to cook separate meals can be challenging. When I saw Yumble on Instagram a couple of months ago, I reached out to them and inquired about reviewing their food service. It looked healthy, delicious and easy! I was delighted to receive my Yumble order this week!

My Yumble order arrived in a large box with recyclable packing, which I always appreciate! I ordered 6 meals from Yumble which included quinoa pizza cups, winner winner chicken dinner, chicken nuggets, gobble meat up, yes please mac and cheese and protein pack. To view the full menu of all of Yumble’s options, click here.

I decided to try the first two of Yumble’ meals on a night that I had no time to cook or prepare any dinners. I turned the oven on, took the plastic off of the trays and in 15 minutes, I had two healthy meals for my kids. We decided to have a picnic outside since it was so beautiful out and guess what? There was no clean up! Since I didn’t have to prepare any meals, I had plenty of time to read books and enjoy the meal with them.

I love that Yumble’s food is healthy, diverse, easy to prepare and delicious. There are also a variety of meals to choose from which makes it easy for those kids that are picky and only like certain foods. At the same time, it helps kids try new foods by having those new food side by side a favorite food. If there is any food leftover, it’s yummy for parents too. When my kids didn’t finish the winner winner chicken dinner, I added the chicken to my salad, which made it protein rich.

Yumble also came with fun coloring pages and activities for the kids. My package came with coloring pages, fun facts about watermelon and some discussion questions to ask your children at mealtime. I love how Yumble combines healthy food with some fun activities to do at the dinner table. I have tried many meal plans before but find Yumble to be the absolute easiest because you just heat and then eat! 

Do you want try Yumble? Click on this link for a discount for your next Yumble box. 


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