Rice Krispies Fun

Who need electronics and toys when you have a Rice Krispies Box? I remember as a child always looking on the back of cereal boxes while I ate my cereal and looking forward to getting the prize inside the box. I forgot the joys of the cereal box when surrounded by so many choices of electronics, toys, etc. This morning, I ventured upon just using my cereal box as the entertaining tool of the meal. With this particular activity, my children had to make up a story of each picture featuring the characters,  “Snap”,”Crackle” and “Pop”. We listened to the “Snap, Crackle and Pop” and discussed various places (e.g. desert, ocean, etc) and various actions regarding each picture. I linked the pictures together to make a “journey” of the characters. I worked on literacy and asked a variety of “wh” questions. I also worked on colors with regard to hair color, “Who has the red hair?”. Next time you are having cereal at breakfast, turn the box over and be creative!

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