No Bake Fig and Banana Bites

fig and banana bites

Are you a fig lover? I love figs and hate wasting them, especially when they are overripe and too soft to eat fresh. Figs are also expensive which makes them even more difficult to waste.

I decided to try making them into granola bites for a healthy snack. If you prefer a sweeter bite, add more maple syrup. If you don’t like a sweet granola bite, add less maple syrup. There is sweetness from the fig and banana which makes them naturally sweet. If your child prefers chocolate chips, add them in instead of the raisins. You can also add more crisp cereal and less oats. Don’t have any figs? Make these banana bites by adding an extra banana with no figs.

Since it is summer, it is refreshing to skip baking something in the oven and heating up your kitchen. This recipe is easily done with just your food processor and a bowl. Since there are no raw ingredients in the recipe, feel free to have your child taste the batter along the way! If your child is allergic to nuts, add a tablespoon of cookie butter instead and leave out the maple syrup. The recipe is also dairy free make sure to double check all of your ingredients), which makes it an option for many children on a dairy free diet or who are lactose intolerant.

[tab title=”Ingredients”]
4-5 fresh figs

1 ripe banana

1 tablespoon of a nut butter (I used almond butter)

1.5 cups of quick cooking oats

1 cup of crisp cereal (I used Rice Krispies)

1/2 cup of wheat germ

1/2 teaspoon of ground cinnamon

2 tablespoons of pure maple syrup

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

1/2 cup of raisins or 1/2 cup of mini chocolate chips

[tab title=”Preparation”]

1. In a small food processor or blender pulse the banana and figs. Add the nut butter, maple syrup and vanilla extract and continue to puree or pulse until you get to your desired texture. I like the mixture slightly on the chunky side, versus a smooth puree.

2. In a separate bowl, combine the oats, crisp cereal, wheat germ and cinnamon. Add the fig/banana mixture to the bowl and combine until you get a cookie like batter (very thick batter). If your batter is too thin, add more oats or cereal. You want your batter to be thick because without enough cereal or oats, the bites will be soft and mushy which is not optimal. You want the texture like a soft granola bar.

3. Fold in your raisins or chips.

4. With a tablespoon or your hands (best tool!) make small balls that are bite size. When you are done put all of your bite size granola bites on a plate lined with wax paper. Put the granola bites in the fridge overnight. These are best kept in the fridge.

5. For extra crunchiness and texture, roll the granola bites in the crisp cereal!

[tab title=”Photos”]

fig and banana bites


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