Making Play Dough with EZ DOH

I was contacted about a month ago by John Dmytriw, owner of the EZ DOH product, a manual dough mixer. He emailed me regarding his product and wanted to know how it would work with children and adults with special needs, specifically those with Autism. I agreed to review this product because I really like supporting small businesses and loved that he kept individuals with special needs in mind when promoting his product. EZ DOH is a simple, easy to use and fun product. In the packaged box comes the bucket, hook with the attachment, a recipe book and some sample yeast to make bread. The product is very easy to assemble and disassemble for both children and adults.

After receiving the product in the mail, I decided to give it two test runs. First with my clients with Autism and then with my son at home. Since I am limited at work with regards to baking, I decided to use the EZ DOH to make a no cook play doh. I found a great recipe at Kidspot here. What are the ingredients? Flour, salt, water and oil! That’s it. You do need food dye to make the play dough different colors as well. At home we decided to use blue but experiment with different colors. What I love about this play doh recipe is that it is non toxic and safe to eat if ingested by accident. Please note that if an individual has a gluten allergy, you should be using gluten free flour in case they do eat it accidentally. Make sure to check with the individual’s caregiver before making this recipe!

When I made this play doh with my son, we had a great time. We mixed the flour and salt together in the bucket and mixed it. After that we combined the liquid ingredients and added that to the bucket. After mixing it several minutes, I took the dough out and began kneading it. I had to add more flour to make the dough less sticky. Then it was ready to be used as play doh! This was a great activity to do with children because you can focus on expanding vocabulary, sequencing, recall and using more describing words. During this activity, you can also work on problem solving. For example, “What should you do if the dough gets too wet?”, “How about too dry?” Additionally it’s a wonderful sensory activity!

Special Needs: This is an excellent activity for a speech and language therapy session. We created this play doh in a 45 minute session and facilitated a lot of language! My clients have complex communication needs and developmental disabilities and loved mixing the ingredients in the EZ DOH. One modification that I might add to the bucket if you are using it with an individual with special needs that can’t hold the bucket themselves, add a suction on the button to keep it stable on the table. My clients did need assistance in holding the bucket intermittently but with that suction cup on the bottom they could have turned it themselves independently. During this activity, we focused on actions “mix”, “pour”, “add”, and “push”. We also focused on descriptive concepts such as “dry”, “wet”, “sticky”, “soft” and “mushy”.

To check out this product with a video and additional recipes, click here. 

This is not a sponsored post. I received this product free of charge and did not receive compensation for reviewing this product.

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