Graham Cracker Butter

graham cracker butter

Love graham crackers? Make graham cracker butter! This butter is sweet, creamy and super delicious in oatmeal, on crackers or even in a crepe. I combined a bunch of different flavors together but feel free to adjust to your own taste. I am a big fan of biscoff, speculoos spread and cookie butter so this butter was right up my alley. It’s very easy for your child to help as well!

Kid Friendly Tips: Have your child add the ingredients to the food processor. Let them squeeze the lemon into a bowl (don’t want seeds in the butter!). If your child doesn’t like graham crackers, try using a different cookie and experiment. Biscoff cookies can definitely be substituted for the graham crackers. You can also use cinnamon graham crackers if you like more of a cinnamon taste (I added it in the recipe but you may add less if you use cinnamon graham crackers)

[tab title=”Ingredients”]

1 1/2 sleeves of honey graham crackers

3 tablespoons of light brown sugar (heaping)

1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

2 tablespoons of melted unsalted butter

1 teaspoon of cinnamon

dash of ground all spice

1/3 can of light coconut milk (you can adjust depending on how you like your butter with regard to texture)

squeeze of half a lemon

[tab title=”Preparation”]
1. Pulse graham crackers in the food processor until you get fine crumbs.

2. Add sugar, vanilla, butter, cinnamon, ground all spice, coconut milk and lemon.

3. Combine until creamy. I would taste taste while you add the ingredients so that you can adjust accordingly.

4. Pour graham cracker butter into a bowl, jar or container. Keep in fridge. The butter will become thicker as it cools but still spreadable.

5. Enjoy
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graham cracker butter


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