Fresh Fig Granola

Fig granola

Do you like figs? 

Are you looking for a healthy breakfast or lunchbox item for your child? This fig granola is perfect to send with your little one to school since it has no nuts and is dairy free. The granola is full of sweet figs and a banana, which adds tons of nutrition in every bite! Did you run out of canola oil? Use avocado oil! It works just as well and adds a nutritional boost to the granola.

The recipe is mostly done in the food processor so it’s easy for your child to help out. Let him add the cut figs, banana, oil, maple syrup, salt, spices, and extracts to the food processor and press the appropriate button to puree the mixture.

Have your child choose the spices she wants to add to the granola. Many spices are appropriate besides cinnamon and ground all spice. Nutmeg, apple pie spice or pumpkin spice can add some nice flavor.

To check out the recipe, nutritional information and some carryover children picture books, check out my guest post on Mommybites here.

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