Banana Chia Pudding

banana chia pudding

Are you looking for a quick, healthy and easy snack? This banana chia pudding was a cinch to make and requires no cooking! The pudding is thick and sweet with a smooth consistency. Most puddings are complicated and take time to make on the stove top mixing and waiting to thicken.

I made this pudding in my Nutri Bullet which worked out well because I got a smooth consistency with the chia seeds mixed in. This pudding can also be made with a blender but make sure to puree the mixture until desired consistency. When left in the refrigerator overnight, the pudding gets thicker and the flavors come together. I topped my pudding with granola and sliced bananas which made it an ideal breakfast.

Get your child to help you with the recipe! Since the recipe requires no cooking or major cutting, your child can help you add the ingredients to the blender. Have your child choose the ingredients add to the pudding at the end such as chocolate chips and/or raisins. If you decide to add a touch of lemon juice to the mix, you might not develop that deep brown color that occurs when the pudding sits in the fridge over a couple of days.

For nutritional tips and the recipe, check out my guest post on Mommybites here.

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