Back to School Smoothie Recipes: A Guest Post from Nicole Vidmar

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I am happy to present this guest post by Nicole Vidmar who is the publisher, editor, and graphic designer for My Kitchen Adviser.

With back to school in full swing, it’s hard to always get your kids to have a healthy breakfast. Nicole gave some great ideas for delicious and nutritious smoothies for a quick breakfast in the morning. Thank you Nicole!

Do you have a battle over breakfast with your child every morning? Try making one of these 3 healthy breakfast smoothies that your child can’t resist.

If you’re unsure what that first question meant, let me take a guess at what your home looks like every morning. You want your child to eat a nutritious breakfast, and you need to get out the door fast! You want to make a quick scrambled egg breakfast to give your child protein. But your child can’t resist the stack of cereal boxes you have on top of your fridge. That’s what he wants.

Cereal is marketed as a healthy breakfast but a quick look at the label reveals corn syrup, sugar, artificial flavoring, food color. The list of unhealthy ingredients is shocking.

But still, your child wants that cereal. You probably give in, just so you can get him off to school and yourself off to work.

Does this paint a picture of your home every morning? Mine also used to look like this. I have two daughters but one is a very picky eater. She refused to eat anything but cereal every morning. Then I discovered that I could make smoothies and offer my daughter the sweet taste she craves with the nutritious benefits that I want for her.

To offer full disclosure, I do whip up the smoothie while she is in her room getting dressed. I don’t let her in on all my mom secrets…like the protein powder. She would never drink it if she knew it had this ingredient.  I quickly blend these in my Ninja, pour them into our travel mugs, and the three of us sip away as we carpool to school. Quick and easy!


The strawberry smoothie is my daughter’s favorite. She loves the strawberry sweetness. Or maybe, she loves the pink color. I don’t care, as long as she drinks it! And never mind about the soy protein that I sneak in…


1 cup cleaned, hulled strawberries

8 oz non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt

One scoop of unflavored soy protein powder (check your brand of soy protein for correct amount)

8 large ice cubes

¼ cup of vanilla soy or almond milk

Place all ingredients into your blender and blend. If you want the texture thicker, omit the ¼ cup of almond or soy milk. If you’d like it thinner, add a splash more of the soy/almond milk.

The strawberry-vanilla flavor is sweet enough for my daughter but flavorful enough that I’ll admit to loving this also.


This is a favorite smoothie on a hot, summer morning. When you feel like you want a refreshing, summertime smoothie, and to add variety, keep this one in your playbook. Why is it a summer favorite? Both bananas and coconut are high in potassium which you need to nourish the body after exposure to hot temperatures.


1 very ripe banana

6 oz. coconut water

1 scoop of unflavored soy protein (again, check your brand for portion)

2 Tbl of non-fat Greek lime yogurt

8 large ice cubes

Blend your ingredients together. If you find this too sweet, you may omit the Greek yogurt. In our house, this is a split decision. I prefer it without the yogurt. However…you guessed it! My sweet addicted child likes it with the lime-flavored yogurt.


With this smoothie, I am very tricky. It tastes sweet like kiwi and vanilla. However, I bump up the iron by tossing in a large handful of raw kale. She thinks the green flecks are part of the kiwi seeds…and I haven’t told her otherwise.


1 kiwi, removed from its skin

One handful of cleaned & stemmed raw kale

8 oz container of non-fat vanilla Greek yogurt

1 scoop of unflavored soy protein (check your brand for appropriate serving)

¼ cup vanilla almond or soy milk

I blend the kale and the almond milk first to ensure I have broken down any sign of a veggie in the smoothie. Otherwise, it would be instantly rejected. I then add the other ingredients and blend together into a delicious, smooth texture. You will still have kiwi seeds.

These smoothies have transformed our breakfast time every day. While I do allow my children to have the cereal now and again, I only allow it twice a week at most. My picky daughter is satisfied and even brags to her friends that her mom makes “milkshakes” for breakfast every day. I am satisfied that my children are having a well-balanced breakfast.

And that daily battle over the cereal boxes? It’s done. We can get off to a great start every day in a peaceful and relatively quiet manner.


AUTHOR BIO: Nicole Vidmar is the publisher, editor, and graphic designer for My Kitchen Adviser. With two children and a dog, Nicole is a busy mom who is always on the go! Despite her crazy schedule, she loves cooking and baking. She enjoys sharing family-friendly recipes and kitchen tips.


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